Hannah & Tom got married in the Yorkshire Dales village of Kettlewell. The was one of the first weddings of the season for me, and it was such a wonderful day. Hannah got ready in a cottage in the village and the plan was her and her bridesmaids would walk to the church. This type of situation is gold for me. I had 10 minutes of time with Hannah and her best friends laughing and chatting walking through one of the most scenic villages in North Yorkshire.

Living in North Yorkshire I had visited Kettlewell before, but not for any real length of time. I loved the fact that it is such a small village that you can walk everywhere, and are encouraged to as parking is a a bit tricky. The scenery is beautiful, the stone buildings make beautiful backdrops, the grass was a lush green, it was April so the daffodils were in full bloom. So much of the day was spent outdoors, as everyone walked from the church on to Kettlewell village hall. As a photographer that loves natural light, and shys away from weddings spent indoors all day, I loved this aspect so much.

It was clear that Hannah & Tom love to laugh and that their friends mean so much to them. There was so much laughter during the day! Which hopefully comes across in the images below.

I hadn’t met Hannah & Tom before this wedding, which is fairly rare but they travel all over the world with work, and they came via a referral so trusted me. Despite Hannah and I having several phone conversations before the wedding, I didn’t know the couple especially well. The speeches were so nice as I got to learn so much about them, all the amazing achievements they have achieved in their work and personally, and all the adventures they have taken together.

I know it sounds so cliche, but it really blows my mind that I get to photograph weddings. I get that up close and personal with a persons range of emotions on their wedding day. I get to photograph LOVE.

Here is a section of my favourite from this blissful April wedding.

Flowers: The Hedgerow, Thresfield, Skipton

Hair & Make-Up: Bow & Blush, Yorkshire

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