OCTOBER 2016 I launched Wild Ones. Portfolio building styled shoots for aspiring and established photographers to grow content, develop skill and meet talented creatives. So far they have taken my all over the UK, and Europe and I have organised over 16 shoots to date. These shoots are aimed at aspiring and established photographers and are a great way to build your portfolio. My shoots lean towards the adventure brides, and are often in epic locations. They allow you to be creative, and work without the constraints of a wedding timeline. Be creative, and try new poses. Or just stand back and learn new poses from others in the group.

This Spring we are going to Oregon and I can’t wait.

Any questions or to book your space get in touch! I have a Facebook group called ‘Wild Ones Photography Group’ where I announce all my shoots first. Also the website is coming soon! wildones.co

Oregon DAY 2 Wild Ones Oregon 2.0-1