Elopements and intimate weddings are my favourite. They typically combine my favourite things -intimacy and adventure. Here are my top five reasons why everyone should consider eloping…


I am sure I don’t need to tell you how expensive weddings are. Eloping can be a portion of the cost, which means more money for the honeymoon, and to help you start married life.


Wedding planning can be stressful. I always recommend wedding planners or stylists to my clients, at the bare minimum look at hiring an on-the-day co-ordinator. If you find yourself hyperventilating when you can’t pin down your venue, or if your blood pressure spikes every time you try and figure out a seating arrangement that won’t result in arguments… you might want to elope.


You can go anywhere to exchange vows. Somewhere meaningful to you as a couple. Atop a mountain, in the centre of Copenhagen, on a beach in Mykonos. The options are limitless.


When you and your partner come from different religious or cultural backgrounds, there can be some potential for friction between families as you decide which cultural and religious traditions to incorporate in your special day. Many families easily compromise to create a service with a blend of traditions, but, if you think that there could be problems or friction that would affect your enjoyment of your wedding day, you might want to consider eloping. This can be a controversial decision, however, so weigh the pros and cons of each option with your fiancé.

Similarly, if there are any guests that you have to invite but you are afraid might cause issues  you can avoid inviting them if you can tell them that your wedding will be a “very intimate affair,” or that you are requesting that only immediate family members act as witnesses. Though eloping for the sake of peacemaking may cause some hurt feelings, you can always let them know that you aren’t singling anyone out, and that your elopement is a personal decision.


Choosing to elope means that you are focusing on the marriage that is taking place rather than the party. That isn’t to say that there aren’t great reasons for having said party! Traditional weddings bring two families together so that you can thank them for their support and allow them to share in your happiness. When you get married, you are building a teammate for life and part of maintaining a team is making something binding you together and intangible to others. You will always have something no one else can have or touch or really know. A wedding is for everyone, but an elopement is very much just for you.

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