Eight hours of driving, hours of hiking up and down cobbled streets, two people in love; one epic shoot!

Ever since I saw pictures of Clovelly wedding village in Devon I knew I wanted to do a wedding there. The winding cobbled streets, the mossy green cliffside, the stone beach. Its such a special place. And it is privately owned so if you choose to get married there, you get a wedding planner to help you bring it all together, and you have full access to the village for your photographs.

This shoot was an inspiration shoot hosted by myself. Liuba & Florin a newly married couple modelled for the day and they were amazing. The connection between them is so apparent. When doing styled shoots I love using real couples so the connection is always there, after all you really can’t fake that stuff.

As always some super talented wedding creatives helped me pull this look together. The flowers, the dress, the hair & make-up-it was all exactly as I dreamt it! I have had a stupid look on my face as I have stared at the frames on my screen the last few days as I have edited them. I can’t believe I get to call this a job.

Dress: An original vintage lace gown by Kate Beaumont.

Florals: Ruby and the Wolf.

Hair & Make-Up: April C Make-up.

Venue: Clovelly Wedding Village.

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