My name is Nicola Louise Dixon, although I answer mostly to my middle name, Louise. I feel lucky to live in beautiful Harrogate, a spa town in the North of England, with my partner and our two dogs.

I am a self-taught photographer; my degree is creative writing. For a while, I kept the creative writing quiet, until I realised that photography and writing are much of a muchness. They are both mediums in which to tell stories. Beautiful, honest, rich, raw, sad, happy stories. Figuring that out was my turning point. I want to tell stories. Every person, city, home and even every object, has a story. And the beauty for me is finding out what that is, and telling it in a way that is worthy of it. I don’t go after the most creative ring shot, and if I you want a shot of your dress hanging on the hanger, of course I will shoot it, but really I am striving for more than that. I want to get to know you, your partner, and your family and I want to tell your story.

Photography aside I love travelling, as I love being at home walking the dogs and reading by the fire. I love independent magazines, independent cafes, autumn and Alaska. I love to run and over the past couple of years have enjoyed learning to surf and practice yoga. I consider myself a foodie and enjoy travelling so that I get to experience new places to eat. I am also solar powered so I am happiest with regular doses of sunshine.